With any profession, keeping your skills sharp is key to staying competitive and on top.  And when it comes to real estate there is simply no better choice than Esther Muller’s prestigious Real Estate Academy where I had the pleasure of being invited back for the second time to speak to an audience of real estate brokers about home staging and how to pitch media outlets to help further their brands.

Interior Designer and Home Stager Cathy Hobbs with Professor Esther Muller of Touro College


You can learn about the current issues in New York City, overall trends in today’s markets, dealing with Co-Op Boards, Internet/web technology and its applications to the Real Estate Community, and also learn some facts about what goes into the creation of a Superstar!

Since 1995 Esther Muller has been working with the New York
Department of State to develop, create, and approve informative, timely and interesting courses which provides the 22.5 credit hours requirement for re-licensing. She believes it is the responsibility of Real Estate professionals to take every opportunity to educate themselves and commit themselves to better serve their clients and community. The goal of the Academy is to improve the productivity and professionalism in the Real Estate community through quality courses and excellent instructors. The Real Estate seminars unite brokers, agents, and owners with developers, managers, and regulators. Her mission is to develop a partnership of cooperation, understanding and good ethics.