A truly special night as friends, family and some of my favorite clients as well as members of New York’s design and real estate community joined me at a screening party held at my friend Bobby Berk’s store Bobby Berk Home in SOHO. Bobby Berk and his store were also featured on the premiere show which made the night that much more fun as cheers broke out throughout the screening whenever either one of us appeared on the screen.  As Season 6 of Design Star begins, I have so many people to thank beginning first and foremost with my amazing, incredibly loving and supportive husband Will. He is the one who encouraged me to audition and the one who held our home together while I taped the show. As I cried while he held our 8 month old daughter on the day I left he looked at me and said “Don’t worry about us, just do your best”.  Those words I kept replaying in my mind during my whole experience on Design Star. Secondly but just as important, my mother, who put her life on hold to come to New York and help take care of my little girl. A lot of people made sacrifices so that I could pursue my dream, I will always be thankful and appreciative. For all of those who continue to vote and root for me I appreciate the support more than you know. I truly felt surrounded by love Monday night as close to 200 people showed up to say hello and offer their congratulations.  After all, I honestly never thought I would actually get picked for the show. I just went on the audition. I’m so glad I did as it was truly an honor to work with the other designers. For the thousands of people who have watched me over the last 19 years in the various small and large towns where I have delivered the news..you know me perhaps best of all, as you trusted me to deliver you the important stories of the day each night. The hundreds of people whose door I knocked on who graciously allowed me into their homes and hearts, trusting me to share their stories that were too often tragedies. I am humbled by your trust in me for nearly two decades.  I hope you enjoy watching my designs and seeing me in action!


Powerhouse real estate attorney Luigi Rosabianca of Rosabianca and Associates, Guido Tebano of Citiwide Moving and Storage, Bobby Berk of Bobby Berk Home and In Thyme Catered Events

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It's Showtime!

Big applause whenever me or Bobby appeared on the screen!

Thank you everyone for coming out and for your support and fan fav votes!

Thank you Bobby Berk!!

An enormous thank you to Luigi Rosabianca of Rosabianca and Associates for sponsoring this wonderful event!

Guido Tebano of Citiwide Moving & Storage and Bobby Berk AGAIN THANK YOU!

Thank you to the amazing staff at In Thyme Catered Events for fabulous food!