Hours of footage was shot and it all had to be edited down to 43 minutes. Trust me I understand how that goes. The “reality” is only the “highlights” can be shown but it is of course not always possible to show the whole story or even the back story. For challenge 1, Leslie came up to me when it was time to choose partners and wanted to be paired with me. She later told me she liked my global perspective when it comes to design plus I reminded her of a woman she used to cheer with while she was on the Dallas Cowboys squad. I liked Leslie right away and we hit it off almost immediately. We initially wanted a bedroom, but in the end I think scored the best room when we were assigned the “Great Room”. Functionally it made the most sense, which helped to dictate the design. We settled on an amethyst purple and charcoal gray color scheme which really worked, especially when I scored a fabulous fabric that helped to tie everything together. There was the near complete disaster when the dining table we bought didn’t fit into the elevator. Here is the story with that. The table was oversized which is often the case with large pieces of furniture. In a city like New York in which most people live in high rises. It is common for large pieces of furniture such as refrigerators, sofas etc. to ride on top of the elevator cab as opposed to inside of it. This is done literally all the time. What did not make the cut but was captured by the cameras was the fact that I called the building superintendent to the elevator who told me that we could in fact place the table on top of the elevator, only to come back later and tell me that he couldn’t allow it. At the point I called my team partner to tell her the table wouldn’t fit all alternatives had been explored and exhausted. We would have been in fab shape had we been allowed to put the table on top of the elevator cab which is literally something I do every day. My built in bench was of course the biggest bust. Boy did I learn a lot with this one. What was not revealed was the fact that I had no access to actual foam to make a real cushion. I was fully prepared and skilled to make an upholstered cushion. But not being able to have access to foam, my only option was to take pillow inserts and sew with the help of a mighty Kenmore sewing machine all 18 pillows that went onto that bench from raw fabric. I was literally cutting and sewing for hours. The whole time with a camera right there to capture it. There were very few shots of all of us in the work space working and putting our rooms together, I think it was because there was simply so much that had to go into Episode 1 as far as introducing us etc. The great room also contained beautiful framed textiles that I picked out and were used as artwork along with an awesome wood hand etched mirror from Indonesia that hung above the mantle. All in all I loved space. The transformation, the type of space that I design for my clients, liveable, modern and timeless.

A break during the first Challenge! It was freeziing that day! Courtesy: HGTV

Meeting for the first time. I was the third designer to walk onto the roof! Courtesy: HGTV

Blanche and Marks Bedroom. This was actually my bed and the bedroom where I lived with roomates J and Blanche. Courtesy: HGTV

Great Room Before Courtesy: HGTV

Great Room After Courtesy: HGTV