At the Kenya/Tanzania Border

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Question: Cathy, I am curious as to some of the places where you have travelled and what were your favorites?

To answer the first part of your question, I have travelled to places like, Turkey, Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, Tanzania, Italy, Germany, France, just to name a few.  As far as my favorites…well, I have to say it is really hard for me to select a “favorite” there are so many different aspects of a country or a city that I identify with and ultimately incorporate into my designs or find inspiration. What began purely as curiousity, transformed into a passion for travel.  I didn’t just want to look at ancient art and architecture in books, I wanted to travel to the location and see the actual inspiration in person. I think of all of the countries where I have ever been, Cambodia perhaps surprised me the most. When you land near Angkor Wat you are literally landing in the middle of the jungle. With no taxis, I hopped on the back of a motorcycle to get to my hotel room.  Then there was the gut wrenching trip to Phnom Penh and the Killing Fields, nothing can quite prepare you for that. I found the country so raw and beautiful, so untouched. But of all of my travel/design trips, the one place where I discovered the most beautiful things was South Africa. With my suitcase full of yummy wines, I had to have most of it shipped back! That was one of my greatest vacation discoveries is to not be afraid to buy large items, and just have decorative items shipped! Hurray! It all arrived!

Cairo, Egypt

Angkor Wat, Cambodia