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Rubber Duckie Ideas for Bathrooms

As the mother of a little girl and a lover of bubble baths, when I was contacted by a writer from Ehow.com who was writing a piece on …yes.. rubber duckie (specifically) decor. I said why not!!!

Here are some of my top tips for enjoying these adorable bathtub friends:

Rubber Duckie Ideas for Bathroomsthumbnail
Rubber duckies add a whimsical, fun element to bathtime.

Decorating with rubber duckies is one of the standards of children’s bathroom design schemes, says HGTV Design Star finalist and celebrity interior designer Cathy Hobbs — though undoubtedly this lighthearted, kitschy theme is a winner for all ages. You don’t have to rely on expensive sets from a bed-and-bath store that everybody and their neighbor already have. Rather, piece together a brand-new loo that makes a statement, with ideas that are crafty, clever and cost-effective.

  1. Pint-Sized Pleasers

    • Removable, oversized vinyl duck stickers are a design favorite for Hobbs when styling a tyke’s rubber duckie bathroom. Decorative stickers can make for a fun, interactive experience, especially on the tile walls of a bathtub or shower. Hobbs amplifies the fun for her littlest clients with giant rubber duckie toys big enough for a child to fit inside and use as a bathtub, plus plenty of hand-sized rubber duckie bath toys.

    Splash of Color

    • One of the easiest ways to transform and style your bathroom is with a wash of color in yellow, blue or green. Hobbs accents her duckie-decor themes with a coat of bright, colorful paint, then adds a border of hand-painted duckies for a whimsical touch. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to draw rubber duckies freehand, Hobbs recommends using stencils.

    Web-Footed Accessories

    • When Los Angeles real-estate specialist and home stager Chantay Bridges creates a duckie-themed bath, she reaches for rubber duckies and a glue gun to add flair to accessories she already has on hand. A pair of duckies nestled side by side can be refashioned into a soap dish. Add style to a plain wicker basket by rolling a set of plush towels, securing them with decorative ribbon and affixing a duckie on the bow with hot glue.

    Affordable Artwork

    • D.G. Bahtuoh, author of the duck-themed children’s book “Nap-Nap, Quack-Quack,” suggests purchasing a book with a rubber duckie illustrations you can cut out to use for artwork. Mounted in low-cost frames found at your local discount store, storybook art can shave big bucks off similar items sold at home decor stores, and nobody will ever know the difference.

    Creative Ceiling

    • If you have an artistic flair, try your hand at unusual crafty touches to put an unforgettable “topping” on your masterpiece. Florida kitchen designer Ed Phillips recalls an unusual rubber duckie decor element he saw on a design school tour he took of Disney’s Celebration, Florida, property: “In one of the bathrooms, they had papier-mache bottoms of ducks on the ceiling, and the rest of the ceiling was faux-painted to look like water, giving the effect you were in the water looking up at the ducks.”

Check out @cathyhobbs Rubber Duckie Ideas for Bathrooms | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_12099361_rubber-duckie-ideas-bathrooms.html