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Green Parenting: Green Decor Ideas and Resources (part 1)

By Elise Jones, babybites blog editor

This past Wednesday, we were a part of an exciting Green Decor conversation that happened with about 130,000 people. The green experts, Practically Green, and the fantastic paint company, Mythic Paint, joined forces to host a huge Twitter Party and invited some of the top notch experts in green decor, design and innovation. Needless to say it was a HUGE success and tons of great resources and information were shared!

Below are some of the major highlights as well as ideas and resources for you to use if you are in the midst of redecorating or redesigning your house/apartment.

  • Where do you go for information about green decor & home improvement?
    • Avital B, editor of Sierra Magazine: When I’m researching green decor and home improvement, I go to Sierra Club. Big fan of Flora Grubb and Etsy Earth as well.
    • Mae of Here in This House: I get my info from Practically Green! Also follow green design blogs like Inhabitat.
    • Alexandra Zissu, author & editor: Planet Home which I co-wrote with Jeff Hollender.
    • Enviro Jon of Green Lifestyle Consulting: I go to friends, Home Depot, Lowes and research online.
    • Susanna of Green Depot: TreeHugger always features fresh and innovative ideas in their design and architecture pages. The “Eco Cool Remodel Tool” from King County’s Green Tools program is another great resource for remodel info.
    • Cathy Hobbs, TV-personality & interior designer: the USGBC is a great place to start look for items that are recycled or renewable.
    • Green with Renvy, renovator & designer: One of the simplest tips is to shop flea markets. You’ll be sure your keeping something out of landfill.
    • Organic Authority: This may come in handy! 4 Thrifty Tips to Decorate an Ugly Apartment from Kirsten Hudson http://t.co/lR4mvgQ8.

From L to R clockwise: Green Depot wool rugs; Woolly Pockets from Green Depot; People Towels; Heart Pine floors.

  • What are your favorite green products to use in your house?
    • Celebrate Green: My gorgeous river-recovered & reclaimed Heart Pine floors! Also just slightly obsessed with wool bedding.
    • Cathy Hobbs: Absolutely beware of so called “greenwashing”- do homework, ask questions.
    • Kim (@xxkimhcxx): I actually love using the biodegradable paint trays when I paint a room.
    • Alexandra Zissu: Washable cotton-rag rugs with no adhesive backings. My open windows too- ventilation is key to reduce indoor air pollution.
    • Robin Baron, interior designer: I love Green Depot’s woolly pockets! I also love The Laundress NY.
    • Practically Green: Paint is a great way to spruce up any room in the house! Make sure it’s no VOC & non toxic like Mythic Paint.
    • Anne (@candyland0606): Cleansers & detergent, reusable bags for groceries and snacks/sandwiches, cloth diapers and wipes.
    • Olga Adler Interiors: We use green cleaning products: Method, Seventh Generation and Mrs. Myers here at the studio and recommend to clients. I love mixing old and new in my designs so using antique furniture is on my favorite green things to do!
    • Avital B: My favorite green-cleaning products to use at home: Seventh Generation and Thymes. See this Sierra Magazine piece for expert recommendations: http://t.co/dVGRKrCc.
    • Marlibu P: Green toys for my kiddies like Melissa & Doug and Sprig Toys.
    • Home Recycler: Love my solar powered green decor lights that I use to decorate my backyard and patio!
    • Mythic Paint: We each have color coded hand towels at work so we don’t use paper towels.
    • Mindful Momma: Have you tried People Towels?
    • Organic Authority: We love to cook so we use Cuisinart’s GreenGourmet NonStick Pans!
    • Green Depot: Also, wool or plant-fiber area rugs are great + made from renewable materials! Easy for rentals too. http://t.co/JLb9lOuW
    • Enviro Jon: We use the Costco branded unscented eco detergent, Ecover; it is also good.
    • Building Green: Curious as to what makes a product green? http://t.co/JQOIQVZ8 Check out this article! It even has subcategories.

Since our chat had five questions and so many resources/ideas were shared, we are going to spread out the info over two blog posts. Come back next Friday for the rest of the info and if you are on Twitter, check out the #greendecor stream too!

Next week’s Green Parenting column will share our chat’s answers to the following three questions:

  • What home improvement projects are on your to do list?
  • What is the hardest part of planning a green home makeover?
  • What factors into your decision on what to buy for your home?