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Cathy Hobbs show host and executive producer of “Metro Residential TV” and owner of Apherea Inc.

by Chris Valdez New York House

Cathy Hobbs, show host and executive producer of Metro Residential TV.

// Cathy Hobbs

Owner/Founder of Apherea and host of METRO Residential

Cathy Hobbs is a LEED AP with a residential and commercial interior design firm that specializes in sustainable design. Hobbs said she always encourages her clients to “seek green and sustainable solutions for their interiors” that are “highly functional and aesthetically beautiful.”

Hobbs has recently completed a 75-unit condominium building (see slideshow) in Harlem in which she did all of the common areas, the gym, lobby, children’s playroom as well as the model residence.

“Our commitment is to functional interiors that are not only visually stimulating and successful but are real livable creative solutions,” Hobbs said. “Our designs are approachable and innovative.”

Hobbs believes interior designing will continue to push towards a green industry with designs that make sense for the consumer and the environment.

“Clients are looking not only for a solid value but for design solutions that enhance their lives and those around them,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs is also a five-time Emmy winning television host for METRO Residential which airs on Sunday at 11 a.m. on PIX 11. Hobbs also specializes in real estate staging which has done well even in the down economy, she says.