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Happy Holidays everyone!

I am always on the look out for really great holiday ideas, especially when it comes to entertaining and table settings. I just wanted to share two ideas I really love.

White Pinecone Place card

One of the special touches I really like to incorporate when it comes to entertaining is having an individual place card for each guest. I think it really adds a “final touch” to a table. This place card is super simple to make, simply take a pine cone, add a sprig of evergreen and write your guest’s name on a simple ribbon with a white or silver pen!

Basket weave placecards

As the mother of a young child, I have become really fond of ink stamps. By daughter has a ball and it is a really simple way to make designs. Why not use ink stamps to make a unique placecard! All you have to do is buy a plain place card, a festive stamp and ink pad!