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Not sure what it is about blue these days, but in the last month, I have been contacted by two different publications who were looking for me to share my thoughts about how to incorporate the color blue into interior design. REDBOOK magazine, just published in its JANUARY ISSUE on news stands today, my ideas for incorporating blue into the bedroom!

When it comes to interior design, blue remains one of the most popular and one of the most universal.  As an interior designer, what I love most about using blue is that like a great black dress, I can “dress it up or dress it down”.  Moreover, because blue comes in so many different shades, tones, tints and colors, I feel I can pair it with so many different colors ranging from red to chocolate.  When it comes to my clients, however I feel that clients are often afraid to take the plunge! Color can be scary and often when it comes to such a bold color as blue, people are afraid to incorporate such a strong color into their décor.  I believe blue can be used virtually anywhere, from bathrooms to bedrooms and even kitchens.  I also love using blue in different ways from paint colors, upholstered furniture pieces and accents.