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First of all Happy New Year! The New Year to me always brings a time to reflect and put a new set of goals in motion. If you are one of thousands of home owners with a home on the market that isn’t selling, home staging is not only an option for you but simply a necessity.  Here are some of my top tips to start the New Year with prosperity and hopefully a sale!

Cathy’s Top Home Staging Tips

1. Clear the clutter–this sounds simple enough, but if your home is not free of excess furniture and clutter it will simply take longer to sell.

2. Check the price — most buyers make decisions in large part based on price.  It is critical that your home is priced correctly.

3. Shop the competition— I suggest to a lot of my sellers that they go to open houses and really see what their competition has to offer.

4. Neutralize and de-personalize — you want potential home buyers to feel that it could be their home, not your home.

5. Make minor repairs- now is not the time to skimp. Paint those steps that haven’t been painted in years or replace that front door. Your will be glad you did!

6. Hire a cleaning crew-it is imperative that your home is spic and span, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

7. Rent furniture or purchase accessories if necessary--sometimes it isn’t about the fact that your home is furnished, but what kind of furniture it is furnished with. When marketing your property you want to make sure that the furniture and accessories to not come across as outdated or inappropriate.

8. Paint--I have never seen a property that did not benefit from fresh coat of paint when it came time to sell.

9. Don’t forget curb appeal-– remember many potential buyers will judge the inside of a home by what they see on the outside. Make sure the landscaping is well kept as well as exterior elements such as shutters, front doors and driveways.

10. Hire a Certified Staging Professional (CSP) to stage your home–you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself so why would you not trust your biggest asset your home to a professional.