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Have winter blues gotten the best of your home? Spring up your décor this winter with a few simple expert tips to bring the light back in.

Play with color

HGTV Design Star Finalist Cathy Hobbs says the first step in springing up your home is infusing your rooms with brightly colored wall paint or accessories. Hobbs explains that colors can be bold or muted with gray to match other winter décor. According to Hobbs, “Some of the trends 
that I am seeing right now are deep oranges, turquoise and shades of 
amethyst… all of these colors look fantastic with traditional winter colors such as charcoal gray, black and chocolate…” Savings Expert Andrea Woroch adds that wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to add a punch of color to any room. She says that for as little as four dollars at Home Depot, you can purchase light color spray paints that you can use to quickly transform dark or old furniture. For the best results, Woroch suggests looking for white, ivory, or metallic silver spray paint in brands that can adhere to multiple different surfaces, including metal and plastics.

Replace Fabrics

Rachel Winokur, interior designer featured on HGTV’s Design Wars, suggests replacing velvet, fur and wool fabrics with coverlets, duvet covers and toss pillow covers of lighter palettes and weights, such as linens. Woroch recommends adding floral sheets or flower-printed pillows to the bedrooms for an easy way to lighten up.

Incorporate Plants

Winokur explains that one of the simplest ways to add spring to your home is by bringing indoor plants, such as fragrant Jasmine and colorful Kalachoe, into the home. Airy plants are an inexpensive, low-maintenance way to lighten up. Woroch likes framing dried flowers as an easy way to add spring to your walls. Winokur also suggests sprinkling winter fruits like oranges and pomegranates across the table as an aesthetic and delicious way to add a pop of color.

Lighten up the Environment

According to Woroch, “The more natural sunlight you let into your home, the more spring-y it will feel.” Woroch recommends adding light, sheer window treatments, which she explains can be bought at a reasonable price at Target with a coupon.  Designer Mary Jane Rossi of Vignettes Room Redesign suggests rolling up heavy area rugs and replacing them with the more springy material, rattan. Additionally, Rossi recommends swapping woolen throws for lace pieces and copper flowerpots and ornaments for glass or ceramic ones.

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