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When it comes to selling a home, the sale still often hinges on kitchens and bathrooms.  These spaces still remain at the top of a potential buyers list as far as level of importance.  As for home sellers, when it comes time to sell your home, you may or may not want to spend the money to renovate.   Bathrooms especially lend themselves to an opportunity for a home seller if he or she chooses, to perhaps take on a DIY project and in turn increase the value of their home without spending much money.  There are several key areas that a homeowner can focus on to give a bathroom a quick uplift without spending a bundle.


Replace the toilet

Replacing a toilet is not an expensive upgrade, and in fact is a upgrade that is typically under $300.00.  I new toilet can instantly add a fresh look.


Replace the bathroom countertop

There are lots of  options that a home owner can take on – here are some of my top tips!

From laminates to single-slab surfaces that include marble, granite and quartz, or other materials like concrete or wood, replacing a countertop is a great bathroom DIY project. While some of these surfaces are more expensive than others, each of them requires something called templating in which a slab is cut to a precise size with cutouts made to accommodate the sink and faucet.  While I would not suggest a home owner create a template themselves, they could install one on their own.

Looking for a super affordable option? Especially when it comes to laminated surfaces, countertops can also be transformed with a couple of coats of paint!

Replace bathroom tile

Believe it or not tiling does not require a high level of skill—these days most tiles come on a mesh background which makes the installation easy and all you have to do is create an easy mix grout and apply!  Tile can be used on both the walls, shower enclosures and countertops.

Add Bead board or wainscoting

When it comes to traditional or country style residences, bead board is extremely popular. While this is typically done using individual planks of wood, one can also create from ready made bead board sheets typically sold in big box stores, all you need is a staple gun and you are ready to go!


Replace Cabinet doors or paint them

No ready to splurge on new cabinets? Well if your cabinets are made out of wood, refinishing them may be a great project for you to take on! All you have to do is sand down the doors, paint the doors with a primer and add a fresh coat of paint!  A great alternative is to also replace the cabinet doors, which is an affordable option as well.


Replace fixtures or towel bars

You would be surprised how shiny and fresh a bathroom can look with a shiny new faucet or spruced up towel bars.  Not only are these items not expensive, replacing them are the perfect DIY for any homeowner who has a wrench and some muscle!


Replace Doors and door handles

Replacing doors and door handles are not only one of my affordable DIY tips for bathrooms but the entire home!