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As an ASID Interior Designer specializing in residential interior design, I simply love using the color green. Why? To sum it up in a single word, “versatility”.  Like a great black dress, the color green can be dressed up or dressed down and can be paired with so many colors.  Best of all, there are so many shades and tones of greens to choose from.  One of my favorite shades of green to use is the color of Jalapeno pepper.  What I love about this rich shade is that its deep yellow undertones not only creates a bright, warm interior, but also looks so amazing with a myriad of  colors, from pure white to eggplant and other citrus colors such as orange and yellow.  The color green , also adds a level of sophistication to an interior especially when paired with other strong neutrals like white, black, and chocolate brown.

(Excerpts below from my interview with The Paint Dealer)
Green’s considered a restful color—are there shades of green that will help people rest more than others?  I have successfully used different shades in bedrooms.  I love green as a color in a bedroom, because of the different moods one can create as an interior designer.  I have used a brighter shade of green such as Jalapeno pepper to create an uplifting mood and a more muted tone of green to create a mood that is more subdued.

Can green “energize” people too? Green can absolutely energize and uplift.  There are a number of shades of green that have a lot of bright undertones such as yellow and orange that can really have an uplifting effect.

Hunter Green used to be really popular, what ever happened to it, did it “evolve”? I believe green is one of the few colors that is on trend, without being trendy.  It is really a standard color that stands the test of time.  Shades such as Hunter Green are often associated with traditional interiors, while shades such as dill pickle (which I’ve used in children’s rooms) and even chartreuse add a modern edge.

Is green getting more play in commercial/institutional places vs. residential?  I believe from a design perspective, we are seeing green in more residential applications than commercial ones.  While green is a sophisticated and rich color the reality is that it may not have universal appeal like neutral colors such as gray and taupe.  I believe this is why we are seeing green used more in residential design applications as opposed to commercial applications.

Where do you think Green is trending… will “Nature” play a part in it? From painting an accent wall, to incorporating green into accessories such as artwork and toss pillows, there are a large number of options.  I really love using bold rich green tones as a wall color and one of my favorite shades is Fresh Cut Grass (color 064-6) by eco-friendly paint company Mythic Paint.  As their exclusive Brand Ambassador, I can also tell you that their colors go on silky and smooth and truly add luster to a room.  Not ready to take the plunge? Well why not use bursts of rich green in your accent pieces such as artwork and accessories (such as toss pillows or bedding).  While colors like yellow and amethyst work well with green, so do colors like blue, charcoal gray , as well as pure white, black and chocolate cocoa brown.