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For those of  you who follow my blog faithfully you may have noticed I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. Well I have good reason! In anticipation of one of my favorite times of the year, I traveled to Germany in search of Christmas inspiration to share with all of you. Germany is actually the birthplace of the time old tradition of erecting a Christmas tree.  In Germany, “tannenbaums” can be seen in nearly every store, Christmas market and home.  Germany truly comes alive during the Christmas season! I had the opportunity to travel to the Ostfriesland region in Germany in Northern Germany and I am thrilled to share some of my favorite finds!


Beautifully wood carved carousels are a tradition in Germany. One can often find them in window sills at night lit by battery powered candles.  Other versions use traditional candles lit with a flame.  The heat from the candles is what powers the rotation of the carousel.  Be prepared to spend around 200 euros for these fabulous finds!


IMG_0073These adorable figurines convey the simple message of “Merry Christmas”

decorationsIMG_0116In nearly all Germany cities the core is a central village in which a central “market” is set up.  This Christmas market is in Aurich, Germany a small farming community about an hour from the city of Bremen which is a shipping port.  In German Christmas markets one can fine lots of food booths with tasty treats, vendors selling traditional crafts and rides for the kids!

IMG_0093Traditional German Christmas Market Scene (Aurich, Germany)

IMG_0095How glorious the decorations!

IMG_0096Lots to choose from! From Germany sausages to hot wine and savory sweets!

IMG_0099My little girl rode this carousel 5 times!