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The project for this week will actually be our project of the week for the next several months as it will be a true transformation! Throughout the coming weeks, I will be providing how-to tips — videos and lots of in progress photos all leading up to the completed studio and the big reveal!

Earlier this year, my mother approached me asking me if I wanted my late Grandmother’s garden shed. As it turns out my Grandmother Agnes was quite a collector of state of the art garden equipment and had contracted a local Amish shed manufacturer to make her a 14′ x 38′ shed –jowzee! I am not quite sure why my Grandmother needed 530 square feet just for a lawn mower and power tools, but in any event it got me thinking. My husband and I own a small cottage in the Hudson Valley in which we simply need more space, not that we need another house type space, just an extra 400 square feet for a home office or play area for our daughter would do.. in other words a “gal cave”.

So the plan is to take on an exciting design project, creating a modern studio from an Amish shed!

My Grandmother's Shed From The Front. Looks so much like a little house!

My Grandmother’s Shed From The Front. Looks so much like a little house!

My Grandmother's Shed

My Grandmother’s Shed

My grandmother’s shed and the inspiration for my studio project!

From here I am launching the hunt ..visiting shed manufacturers in search of inspiration and ideas. Be sure to check in NEXT MONDAY to see what I find.

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