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Be excited to host your friends and family!

Be excited to host your friends and family!

Wednesdays are all about home staging! I will be revealing to you a new set of photos each week showcasing rooms that I’ve transformed from drab to fab. Having a guest bedroom is fairly common in the average household so I want you to feel comfortable and proud of the space you are sharing with your guests! There are four major problem areas in the before stages of this room:

1) Bedding – Don’t choose something extremely multicolored or patterned. A room looks nicer and welcoming if it has a neutral feel. Think about hotel rooms, most come with neutral shades that complement each other and provide a warm, clean atmosphere!

2) Furniture – Get rid of child-like furniture that is hard to match with anything. Having mature, single-toned furniture like the dark wooden nightstands makes the room feel more “grown-up” and elegant.

3) Toys – Move all toys or unused items to the attic or basement. Typically items like these are left unmoved and sort of become “part” of the room. Think about items like these that you may have in your house and make a conscious effort to clean up and organize.

4) Lamps – While there is a reading light in the before stage of the room, it seems very teenage-like because of the quality. Instead, find two matching lamps to bring symmetry to the room. Symmetry is always nice if you have a couple or pair of people staying over.

Stores like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and other discount retailers often bring in unique items that are extremely affordable! They also tend to have sets of two for lamps and accessories like nightstands for the purpose of highlighting symmetry in a room.

I hope you’ve found these redesigning tips to be helpful and check back next week for another Home Staging Wednesday! Also-be sure to check out both my Cathy Hobbs Twitter account (@CathyHobbs) and my personal Design Recipes account (@DesignRecipes).