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Often a room will not look complete or put together unless it has the right lighting! Though we all wish we could have beautiful wide windows in every room to let in natural sunlight, sometimes just adding a lamp can make up for the lack of light. Feature it as a decorative piece that becomes more than just a focal point in the room. Here I’ve selected some beautiful varieties of lamps and lighting fixtures so that no matter what taste or style you have, you can find a lamp for your home!

Colorful | This lamp is so fun and fresh. It’s beautifully and simply designed but has a bold base color to make it pop in a room! This light blue is especially eye catching and is subtle enough to blend with multiple different colors.

Classic & Elegant | The base of this lamp is very elegant and would fit perfectly into a fine dining room or a living room. It would also fit wonderfully in a bedroom with other sophisticated décor. This type of lamp works best with neutrals as it is classic and timeless. I’ve seen similar lamps at T.J. Maxx or Homegoods, so be sure to check out both stores before spending big bucks!

Intricate Details | I love this lamp’s base because it grabs your attention right away. It pulls your eyes in and lets you really focus in on the intricate details of the base that mimic the pattern of a tree. This would work great in a whimsically designed room as it’s base is more unusual and atypical, compared to the classic lamp.

Hanging Industrial | Perfect for a studio, this lamp defines design. It’s rustic and rugged looking, yet can be very delicate if hung in a simple environment. This light fixture is also perfect for guys; they will not be afraid to go lamp shopping after they see this one! How fun would this lamp be hanging over a wooden kitchen table?

Standing Modern | Place this tall, elegant lamp next to a sofa or chair or leave it by itself! It’s versatile enough to complement a room or function as the focal point. Because it’s also fairly simple and plain in design, it can fit into many different types of rooms and spaces, no matter your mood or style!

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