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Welcome back to my project of the week! For those of you who did not see last Monday’s blog post, I have decided to take on the ENORMOUS task of creating a modern, stylish studio from a traditional Amish shed.

My husband and I own a cottage in The Hudson Valley and wanted to add some additional living space.  Because adding a room to the existing house was not feasible I have decided to add an additional structure to our existing land.

I was inspired to try to have the additional living space or studio built by the Amish after discovering my late grandmother had a rather large and lovely 500+ square foot shed built by the Amish.

I spent this last week on THE HUNT for some ideas of how I could have my Amish built shed made NOT to look like a shed but a little house.  I must say I am THRILLED by what I discovered.  During my search I found some sheds that have transom window, high ceilings and lots of windows.  I now plan to use my discoveries as inspiration to create my modern studio!!

My Grandmother's Shed From The Front. Looks so much like a little house!

My Grandmother’s Shed From The Front. Looks so much like a little house!

My Grandmother's Shed

My Grandmother’s Shed

transom 2OMG!! How great is this?? High ceilings, transom windows, lots of light! I think this is the perfect “model” to use in planning and designing the new studio

\transom 3A view from the side — LOVE the dormer at the top .. what a great idea!!!

transom 1The view from inside!! Check out the high ceilings!

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