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So as you all know, I’m a home staging expert and I teach classes across the United States! If you would like more information about when and where my next class is, please take a look at my newly redesigned website! Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing photos and tips from home stagings that I have personally done my self and ones from my students.

This week, we’re going to take a look at one of my students who home staged a teen bedroom in Los Angeles!

The tricky thing with teen bedrooms is that the span of “teenage” years is quite long! This means your teen is likely to change his or her opinions, thoughts, likes, etc frequently as well. This is their time of development and you would have to agree that you grow an immense amount from when you are 13 years old to when you are 19!

yLspZMSDpWYUOqgbrjyzzmOJEkHipy7qyau04Cbjw98Problem Area One: Stuffed animals can be of sentimental value but more than likely, they just get left on the shelves because you forget to store them! Once your teen doesn’t actually have as strong of a a tie with them or they are just maturing, it’s best to put them in a box and either store them in a basement, attic or closet! You aren’t throwing them away, you are just tidying up the room and making it feel more adult-like. Check out the difference it makes!


The display of books, candles or any other things that your teen likes makes it feel more sophisticated and mature.

NocqbWc3ARhIIJh3cgHGyTsJhPLR6548pOmNJsEI7wYProblem Area Two: While the bedding in this photo isn’t too different from the after photo (see below), the choice of pillows and placement makes a big difference. This seems a little thrown together, there are many colors, and again the stuffed animals on the rocking chair add a kiddish feel. They also swapped out the artwork to make it feel more modern and grown-up. Take a look at how my students decided to redo the room!

FrOF7tpmP6NML-0THUyaQBhd8B-H3XyXFM5DcCRtAc0Not too much has been changed as you can tell! I love that because that means that you can implement similar strategies in your home without buying tons of new items or going crazy with painting/redecorating! They kept one of the toss pillows on the bed, angling it to provide symmetry. The bed is also much more kempt giving it a polished feel. No stuffed animals and a modern piece of art. Voilà!

These great neutral paint colors from Mythic Paint are great options for a teen bedroom as they will mold to whatever preference or taste your teen has throughout the years! Mythic Paint is human, pet, and eco-friendly!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 1.56.09 PM

I hope you’ve found these home staging tips to be helpful. Please visit my new website and find other great home staging and interior design tips as well as my Design Recipes!

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