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Hi everyone and welcome back to our project of the week!

Project of the week: transforming an amish shed into a modern studio

If you have been following this blog then you know that over the last month — I have taken on the unconventional design project of creating a modern studio from a traditional amish shed. What I now realize I have taken on the task of creating a “tiny house” that is essentially a pre-fab structure.  Because of zoning rules and regulations I can not install a bathroom or have plumbing but I can certainly design a space with lots of light and high ceilings!

Pressed for time and realizing traditional CAD drawings are not required in order to build…I roughed out some very “rough” sketches to pass along to the shed manufacturer GreenTree Structures of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Here they are! Be sure to return to the blog next week when we select a contractor to transform our shed into a beautiful studio!

basic design drawings:

Front Exterior Elevation

Front Exterior Elevation (including notes to my assistant)

East Exterior Elevation

East Exterior Elevation (LOVE the idea of a sliding glass door PLUS a transom above — creating almost an entire wall of light)

Back Exterior Elevation

Back Exterior Elevation (This is the back of the structure — this will be a dormer off the back similar to the photo below so we have light coming into the structure from all four sides)

Amish Shed inspiration for my modern studio

Amish Shed inspiration for my modern studio

West Exterior Elevation

West Exterior Elevation (This will actually face the forest and will be internally a wall that will be used for a desk and work space — the transom will be above allowing for the illusion of a window!)

Long Front Elevation (interior)

Long Front Elevation (interior) — This long interior elevation really shows how the front of the structure will have (4) windows — there won’t be much wall space for artwork (what a shame) but there will certainly be lots of light (which is great!)


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