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Wedding Flower Arrangements with Roses


Hi everyone, as the owner of the NYC based interior design firm, Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes each Friday,  Kenji Takenaka Floral artist and Master Designer at Noir Hanna International and I come together for what we call FRIDAY FLOWER POWER! Each week we not only provide step by step instructions for creating dynamic floral arrangements we also provide a corresponding How To Video!

This Weeks’ Topic:

Wedding Flower Arrangements with Roses

When it comes to roses there are hundreds of varieties. Wedding flower arrangements with roses are both timeless and classic and one creative way to add a modern edge is to place your arrangements in a modern glass vase or vessel.

Noir Hanna International has done the florals for hundreds of weddings literally around the world and the one flower that is asked for over and over again is the rose. In this video, we demonstrate some unique flower arrangements using interesting vessels such as an oversized martini glass!

Traditional roses arranged in an over-sized martini glass …incredible!

2012-09-15 20.02.33

it all starts with an oasis! from here you can build almost anything you can imagine!

2012-09-15 20.03.07the final product … breathtaking! Be sure to check it out on you tube!

2012-09-15 20.03.29

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