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Hi everyone, as the owner of the NYC based interior design firm, Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes each Friday,  Kenji Takenaka Floral artist and Master Designer at Noir Hanna International and I come together for what we call FRIDAY FLOWER POWER! Each week we not only provide step by step instructions for creating dynamic floral arrangements we also provide a corresponding How To Video!

This Weeks’ Topic:

Artificial Tropical Flower Arrangements

Artificial flowers look more real than ever and making artificial tropical floral arrangements can be a wonderful low maintenance way to add color and texture into your décor .

It’s true, tropical flower arrangements can look a little busy so one modern idea is to make a simple tropical arrangement using just a one type of tropical flower, such as Birds of Paradise.

 Step 1: When you make an artificial arrangement, always use Styrofoam inside the vase just like you would use Oasis foam in a fresh arrangement.  Then decide the height of the arrangement you want to make.

Step 2:  The best way to cut artificial flowers is with wire cutters (as most have wires inside).  Scissors simply won’t work!

Step 3: Add greenery so that you cover all the Styrofoam. 

Step 4: Keep the arrangement simple yet vibrant.

Kenji preparing the artificial Birds of Paradise.. OMG they look sooo real!

Kenji preparing the artificial Birds of Paradise stems.. OMG they look sooo real!

When you can make an artificial arrangement this beautiful it almost makes you wonder if you’ll ever want to purchase real flowers again! A couple of things to keep in mind …while its true artificial flowers are more expensive than real flowers, they of course last a very long time.  One way to ensure this is to make sure that you keep your artificial flowers out of the sun so they don’t lose their color and fade.

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