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Hi everyone!

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Happy Wednesday and Happy #HomeStagingSecrets day! I’m back and today I’m going to share with you my FOUR core elements when I do home stagings. Even you can get your rooms to look like one of my professionally home staged interiors, like this one!

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There are 4 key parts that you have to keep in mind as you are designing or redesigning a space.

1. De-cluttering. You’re going to pack anyway, Hobbs points out, so pack early.

2. De-personalizing and neutralizing. The key is that a potential buyer needs to see it could be their home with their stuff.

3. Furniture arrangement. Space and flow should be maximized.

4. Styling. These are final touches including art, plantings and towels to make a home look inviting.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and if you are still interested in learning MORE, please consider enrolling in my insightful courses! Here are the dates and locations for my upcoming courses. Please contact below if you have any questions.

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