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Welcome to Wednesday!

We’re back with more home staging secrets revealed and I’m taking you into a room that went from disaster to delightful! I’ll show you what I did and how you can get the same results!

If you didn’t catch my post yesterday, I introduced the COLOR OF THE MONTH! Cathy’s Barcelona Blue! Here’s my inspiration board and a few accents that can turn your room around!

August Color of the Month BlueOkay let’s get down to business! Look at this room. It probably looks familiar if you have kids. There isn’t much organization and it looks disheveled.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.06.17 AM

First things first. COLOR.

The color in the before shot is bright and more child-like. With implementing a color that is subtle, bold yet grown-up, your teen’s room can be used throughout all stages of his or her life! Take a look at my collection from Mythic. Mythic Paint is 100% pet, human and environment safe. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.18.32 AM
Second is BEDDING.

By choosing the right and appropriate bedding, you can make a room look like $1,000,00. This nice paisley bedding pulls in color from the walls but is neutral enough to subtly act as a focal point for your eye. When you look at the room, you notice how your eyes can go in a smooth wave like pattern from lamp to bed to chair. Above, your eyes can’t focus on anything because there is TOO MUCH clutter. 
Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.06.46 AMTHIRD we have ORGANIZATION.

By using storage space optimally, you can avoid having unwanted clutter around. Make piles and get rid of what you don’t need, what you absolutely need, and what you aren’t sure of. Toss everything you don’t need and organize what you use on a daily basis accordingly. Then store away in a basement, attic, closet or night stand so what you need is close at hand and things like old toys and games are in hiding.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Let me know if you have any questions, leave a comment below or tweet it to me at @cathyhobbs, @stagertraining or @designrecipes!

If you are looking to redesign a room but don’t know where to start, I encourage buying one of my $3.00 Design Recipes! Super affordable and EXTREMELY helpful, Design Recipes will give you a room and tell you WHERE everything is from so that you can recreate that room in your home! How easy?! Check out Design Recipes below!

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