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Whether you are doing a Project of the Week like I am or just needing to fix something around the house, having a reliable set of tools is crucial!

Here are my top 4 must haves!

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I think it’s so important to have good tools so you can fix things without having to hire someone else to do it AND you can do fun projects, too!


1. Hang up artwork around the house with nails and a hammer.

2. Reupholster a chair with your electric drill and some fabulous fabric.

3. Use nails for a rustic key hook around the mud room or kitchen!

Also don’t forget to invest in a good level (electronic ones are great!) to make sure you are hanging up things straight.

If you want a more advanced list, check out this one by Life Hacker! Their list is pretty extensive but each and every product truly has its benefits!


Photo courtsey of Life Hacker

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