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I have to admit installing drywall will probably be one of the most time consuming aspects of this project. It takes a lot of time, not to mention a skilled hand! Despite being a true pro, there was NO WAY my carpenter on this project, Scott Yoder of Yoder Precision Carpentry could have done this by himself.  Each morning for a little more than two weeks, Scott and an fellow carpenter were working the studio often into the night. TIP: it is critical to have heating in your space when it comes time to install the drywall, if not it will take forever for the joint compound used to hide the tape (to conceal the joints in the drywall) to dry.  A space heater could possibly work in an extremely small space, like 100 square feet, otherwise you will need some form of heat on a thermostat. In the case of the studio, a gas heater wall installed one week before the installation of the drywall began.


With all of the walls up, the next step will be sanding and then PAINT!!

A bit of comic relief. Hey! I guess you have to pass the time somehow!

Scott working into the night..please don’t kill me for snapping this one! LOL

The studio is coming along beautifully! Be sure to return each Monday for updates and of course to see how it all turns out! For more design tips you can also go to my website http://www.cathyhobbs.com.

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