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Especially as we all try to hold on to the last days of summer, so many of us want to enjoy the colors and texture of florals especially if you have a patio.Today we’re going to share with you some tips on how-to-make an arrangement of patio flowers so you can incorporate flowers into your outdoor living space.

Step 1: First, pick a color and a type of flower that you like. Delicate flowers like hydrangeas and peonies are not ideal because they wilt quickly.  For the longest life, pick a hearty flower like a sunflower, daisy or calla lilly.

Step 2: Make a bouquet of your flower. We selected sunflowers and gerber daisies.

Step 3: Wrap vines around the bouquet to give it a more natural feel.

Step 4: Place the arrangement in a vase with water.  You can add leaves to line the vase, like aspidistra. 

Enjoy! This style of arrangement is modern yet casual, which makes it perfect for the patio or terrace.

Be sure to check out our video next week!! In the meantime be sure to keep up with what we are working on!

Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs and Master Florist Kenji Takenaka

Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs and Master Florist Kenji Takenaka

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