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This week as we approach Fall, for Friday Flower power we are doing something a little bit different, we are releasing a video PLUS an article both focused on Fall Decorating.  The article was printed on the blog for BOND NYC a well known real estate company in NYC in which I wrote about ideas for the Fall.



Foliage is something we perhaps typically associate with Fall, but in fact foliage for flower arranging is quite popular. What’s wonderful about foliage is how you can dramatically change the look and feel of the same arrangement simply by adding different foliage.

I have to admit foliage is something I would not think of when it comes to year round florals. But, the reality is, there are a number of different types of foliage out there from Aspidistra to ivy to lily grass and passion vine and each can completely change the look and feel of your arrangement.

STEP 1: Start with a simple rose bouquet.

STEP 2: Wrap it in ivy.  Be sure to remove any leaves below your hand where you’re holding the bouquet.

STEP 3: With the next bouquet, I add passion vine.

STEP 4: With the third, I wrap the bouquet with aspidistra.
As you can see, changing the greenery around the bouquet can really change the look of the arrangement.

STEP 5: Go for the dramatic by adding large greenery which can make a big statement, using these Elephant Ear leaves.  This adds a vibrant and dramatic color.

Gorgeous passion vine! 2012-09-15 17.59.23A simple rose arrangement transformed!

2012-09-15 18.03.20 Cathy Hobbs and Kenji Takenaka2012-09-15 18.03.01 Different foliage can change the entire look and feel of an arrangement!2012-09-15 18.01.47


In this first entry of a two-part series, Cathy Hobbs, provides simple, cost effective tips to “Fall-ify” your apartment and some quick Do’s and Don’ts to getting your living space ready for the upcoming season.

“When it comes to creating the perfect Fall-inspired design, I believe it is important to pay attention not only to colors and fabrics that speak to the colors and “fruits of Fall” but will serve as the foundation for the seasons beyond.” –Cathy Hobbs



•          Interesting decorative pillows made from colorful scarves: Scarves in gorgeous, fun, Fall prints make for an affordable fabric choice when it comes to toss pillows.

•          Used books with colorful hard covers or wrapped in decorative paper: Covering hardcover books with beautiful printed or decorative patterned paper is a great way to display books and incorporate a decorative element into your Fall décor at the same time.  The idea behind this tip is to use old books as a decorative item.

•          Natural elements like wood chip coins (covered with open glass filled vases, filled with candles or stems):  Wood chip coins cut into 2” thick disks can be purchased at most floral stores. They make wonderful decorative elements such as bookends, bases for candles and even an organic server for bowls filled with snacks or plated appetizers.  Natural elements are a fabulous way to say FALL!

•          Decorating with fruit – fruit placed in long tall vases: I really love working with lemons, and limes, placing them in tall cylindrical vases.  I also like using tall long vases and placing baby apples in them.  Using fruits and vegetables in your Fall décor is a wonderful way to incorporate the  “Fruits of Fall”.

•          Treasured items placed in shadow boxes: Shadow boxes are such a beautiful way to display mementos and even those items that you may have thought about packing away for the Fall! Postcards, treasured photos, ticket stubs etc., all work well with multi-dimensional items such as buttons, coins, souvenirs and mementos.

•          Framed wallpaper: Today, wallpaper isn’t what you might remember as a child! Prints are bold, colorful and in many cases textured.  As Fall is a wonderful time to bring prints and color into your décor, why not do it with wallpaper!  Even though it is no longer summer, bringing in fun, bright prints will help to make the transition from summer to Fall while still having your décor feel warm and welcoming! Nearly all retailers that sell wallpaper allow potential buyers to take home free samples.  The sample sizes are usually always substantial in size and perfect for framing!

•          Potted succulents instead of plants or flowers: Although Fall is typically a season for leaves and foliage, why not use potted succulents instead! Succulents are quite hardy, I especially love them because they last a long time and don’t require a lot of care. Succulents are not only beautiful but they look fabulous in everything from rubbed terra cotta pots to glass vessels filled with stones and moss.

•          Displaying cut flowers in colored bottles or jars: With all of your summer flowers , it’s time to bring the outside in! Instead of using a traditional clear vase, why not brighten up your Fall décor by placing your cut stems in colored bottles or short jelly or canning jars.

•          Framed pieces of fabric: When it comes to affordable/instant artwork, this tip tops my list! The beauty of fabric is that you can buy it by the yard. Can’t paint? Why not buy yards of printed fabric and stretch it over a frame made of plywood. The result is a colorful, unique print! You can also frame smaller pieces to hang.

•        Using fresh fruits and vegetables as an interesting base for fresh flower arrangements:  From artichokes and peppers, to lemons and limes, fruits and vegetables are a colorful and innovative choice when it comes to floral decorating.  Fruits and vegetables can be used as a base on the bottom of vases and vessels before adding cut flowers or on their own.  What better way to integrate Fall into your décor!



1.         Do consider using neutrals such as black, charcoal, gray or beige and accent them with a “bold color”

2.         Do select a signature bold accent piece and build a color palette around it

3.         Do consider black and white as potential bold color statements

4.         Do consider an accent wall if you’re afraid to commit to a strong accent color in the entire room

5.         Do bring color into your décor through accent pieces such as artwork and accessories

6.         Do consider using cool colors in a space that you want to visually enlarge


1.         Don’t just tie yourself into one shade of a bold color, consider tints and tones of the same color

2.         Don’t be afraid to mix vintage pieces with modern

3.         Don’t use colors that are too grayed down or muted

4.         Don’t use colors that are too warm in small rooms, it can make a room look smaller

5.         Don’t be afraid to “go bold”

6.         Don’t paint the ceiling a color, it will automatically close in a space