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Have you felt the crispness in the air, seen signs of the leaves beginning to change color? Yes, it is FALL, and if you are like me, then you know it is a wonderful time to entertain.  For this week’s Tuesday Tip, I am sharing ideas for great, affordable center pieces!!

Great Fall Centerpieces

  • TALL VESSEL FILLED WITH FRUITS OR VEGETABLES – There is nothing more colorful and festive than incorporating fresh fruits or vegetables into your décor.  From large green, yellow or red peppers to artichokes, lemons and limes, jars filled with these colorful items can make a real statement! When it comes to lemons and limes, incorporate the fresh leaves of the stem, sprinkling them throughout the height of the jar, this also works when using apples.  When it comes to Fall, there is nothing quite as fitting as a tall vessel filled with apples or even colored gourds.
  • SHORT FLOWERS IN SMALL PITCHERS OR VASES –big blooms such as hydrangeas or peonies look gorgeous when cut short and placed in a short vase, pitcher or apothecary jar.  Other ideas? Colored bottles, jelly or canning jars.  The look is both fresh and elegant.  The use of jelly or canning jars is especially creative for the Fall season as many people are looking to preserve all of those wonderful summer fruits!
  • TALL VASE WITH STEMS – from a single stem in a tall slim vase to a handful of fresh cut flowers, flowers instantly say “welcome” to your guests and make simple yet elegant centerpieces.  My suggestion when considering what to use, consider seasonal flowers that are appropriate for Fall including branches.
  • GLASS HURRICANE/CANDLE ON A BIRCH COIN—a simple birch coin can add an instant natural Fall element to your décor and with a simple candle and glass hurricane on top can be an elegant centerpiece for a coffee or dining table.   Other ways you can create this centerpiece include filling the hurricane with a layer of acorns and then placing a large candle on top!
  • CARVED OUT APPLE OR ARTICHOKE WITH A TAPER CANDLE- whether it’s an artichoke or apple, carving out fruits and vegetables and inserting a tall taper candle can add instant appeal and really help you to celebrate “The Fruits of Fall” with your guests!
  • SUCCULENTS IN MOSS AND SAND – Tiny succulents are hearty and simply look beautiful on a table.  They also come in wonderful warm Fall colors like green and burgundy.   Pair them with sand, moss or river rocks in a glass jar or vessel and you have a beautiful centerpiece.

I LOVE this simple centerpiece I need, placing succulents in tall vessels filled with sand.

  • DRIED FLOWERS –– Especially if you have a country or more traditional décor, dried flowers can truly be the perfect centerpiece choice. .  Some modern takes on the use of dried flowers include use of cute, modern topiary as well as dried cotton plants, ideal for autumn.

Dried flowers, great for Fall.

  • ADD DRAMATIC FOLIAGE TO YOUR FLORAL ARRANGEMENT–Foliage is something we typically associate with Fall.  What’s wonderful about foliage is how you can dramatically change the look and feel of the same arrangement simply by adding different foliage.  The reality is, there are a number of different types of foliage out there from aspidistra to ivy to lily grass and passion vine as well as elephant ear leaves and each can completely change the look and feel of your centerpiece arrangement.

Foliage can add so much to an arrangement!

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