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After several weeks, I am back with an EXCITING update on the creation of my studio project (created from an authentic Amish shed).

The UPDATE: The installation of custom barn doors! In creating my design, I created two closets for storage.  While the studio is new and modern, I wanted it to have an elegant, country feel.  Last blog post, hand scraped hardwood flooring was installed.  Now, the installation of authentic looking barn doors! Instead of traditional closet doors, I felt barn doors would add charm and create interest.  I have to say I LOVE, LOVE the look.

Huge kudos to Scott Yoder of Yoder Precision Carpentry (Freehold, NY) who created the doors from scratch with just my vision and a couple of inspirational images to guide him.

The barn door hardware is heavy, thick, sturdy and absolutely gorgeous! I am typically not a fan of purchasing items without seeing them first..but this was a leap of faith and it paid off!

SOURCE: Barn Door Hardware (www.barndoorhardware.com)IMG_0965 LOVE THE DETAIL! The exposed bolts add so much charm.

The perfect barn hardware deserves the perfect door pulls. I snagged these incredible, authentic J. G. Wilson Elevator pulls (stamped with their 1889 manufacture date) on EBAY. I am so crazy for these pulls!

IMG_0980 IMG_0982The barn doors are so heavy.. two people were needed!!

IMG_0996 IMG_0991 IMG_0989 The barn doors installed!!! FABULOUS! And for anyone who knows me .. they look simply smashing in my signature color ORANGE LOL!!

Love the color? It is Cathy’s Optimistic from my signature paint collection at Mythic Paint http://www.mythicpaint.com.  Use the code “CATHY” to get 10-percent off!

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