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Rome, Italy, is one of those magical cities, which I believe one should visit at least once in a lifetime. Rome, has so much to offer, that you could stay there for months and not see it all! When I visited Rome, I was specifically looking for a hotel in the center of it all, which offered old world charm and was NOT a chain hotel. Chain hotels.. I’m sorry yuk! At least when it comes to oversees travel. If you are looking for authenticity, my suggestion is to go the three/four star route and surround yourself in luxury, grandeur and a unique experience!!

Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs on location in ROME, ITALY

Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs on location in ROME, ITALY

39261 Photo Credit: Portrait Suites
Portrait Suites is a boutique hotel offering studio style apartments.. oohhh la la! Photo Credit: San Carlo Suite
San Carlo Suite is a boutique hotel with its’ “virtual” receptionist and modern details it is perfect for the traveler looking for style away from home. Babuino-181-007 Photo credit: Babuino 181
Babuino 181 is my dream come true, a hotel created from a building rich in history and old world charm! Intown-Luxury-House-007 Photo credit: Intown Luxury House
Located near the Spanish Steps, this hotel has gorgeous, minimal lines, done up to perfection in soothing taupe! Photo Credit: The Aleph Hotel

This 96-room hotel in Rome was designed by famed architect Adam Tihany. A native of Italy and a true design genius, I believe Tihany does hospitality design simply better than anyone else.

Tihany has designed several hotels throughout Italy, I dare say you can not go wrong staying in any one of them.

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