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For many people, their first instinct when furnishing a room is to place all furniture against a wall – even if that means partially blocking a window. But when you’re staging your home to sell, this should be avoided whenever possible! Windows are an important aspect of a room – they have the potential to make the space look bigger, they can be highly attractive with the right window treatments, and most importantly, they let in natural light.

This home in Atlanta, GA for example, looked dark, cramped and a bit dingy when the windows were blocked off.



Photo Credit: Cathy Hobbs

Once the furniture was rearranged, the room was instantly opened up. By facing a sofa toward the window, a balance was created and the room did not appear lopsided or cramped. Plus, it created a great, unobstructed light source!

See the after:


– Room designed by Cathy Hobbs’ Atlanta home staging course students. Photo Credit: Cathy Hobbs

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