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A lot of my students for the 3-day Certified Staging Professionals course that I teach around the country often ask me to share which items are my “must haves” in the field.

What I keep in my tool bag includes some items you would expect and others that may surprise you. You tell me! Take a look at what I always have at the ready and why.

1. Furniture movers.  These tiny disks are a life saver. Put them under a heavy piece of furniture and you can literally move it anywhere!

2. A hammer is an absolute must! There is always a mirror or picture to hang.

3. Goo gone. I hate price tags on any of my accessories. Goo gone does the trick. I keep it in my purse!

4. Tape measure. There is always a need to measure a piece of furniture, the height of where a painting needs to be hung or the placement of a piece of furniture in a tight space.

5. Picture/Mirror hooks.  These special hooks hold heavy paintings and will leave minimal wall damage.

6.  Paper towels. I always carry paper towels to give surfaces a quick wipe.

7. Windex.  I find Windex to be truly “all purpose”.

8. Toilet paper. Yes, I carry my own toilet paper. I never want to be caught without!

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