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Well, today is the day! If you are like me, you are avoiding the malls, boutiques and lines, and instead perusing the various websites of your favorite stores in search of the perfect gift. Remember when we had NO choice but had to stand in line? Back then I was always a Christmas Eve shopper kind of gal. Now I have to admit I choose all of my gifts on line, some admittedly a little late. There has been a gift or two known to be marked under the tree with a bright orange sticker that says “HOT RUSH-Overnight Delivery” LOL! In any event, this year I am thrilled to be able to share some of my “favorite things” — available through my very own store.

My favorite things were hand selected by me from some of the top, most respected retailers in the country. Each can be delivered in time for Christmas!

Allan Contemporary Table Lamp

I LOVE this lamp! I find its’ topsy turvy design so interesting. The brass finish makes it timeless.

Millie Dominos with Box

Turn off the television and let’s go back to simple fun like board games and DOMINOS! This would make a great stocking stuffer!

Allison Magnifying Glass and Letter Opener Set

Made of horn and nickel, this beautiful set would make the perfect gift!

Rio Cocoa Vase with Lid

This is ONE of my favorite vases EVER! It looks absolutely gorgeous anywhere you put it. Above, I used it on a dresser in a master bedroom.

Silhouette Vase

These stacked elongated egg style vases come in black, camel and cream. I like showing two of them together.

Teak Leaf Bowl

I love bringing organic elements into my interiors. These pieces remind me of some of my finds in Thailand.

Emilia Small Petrified Wood On Stand Table

There is nothing quite as beautiful as driftwood. I love this driftwood piece on a stand. It will look amazing no matter where you place it in your home!

Marble Blend Small White Disk On Stand Sculpture

These marble sculptures come in 2 different sizes with both gray and brown veining. Made of solid marble, these disks are sturdy and ultra classy.

Small Antiqued Rust Jack Sculpture

These jacks are one of my favorite accessories. I remember my mom having jacks like these on a coffee table when I was growing up. So retro, yet so timeless!

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