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Contrary to popular belief, monochromatic design does not mean that everything in a room is the exact same color. A monochromatic color scheme actually incorporates many different shades of the same hue – adding a surprising amount of depth and intrigue!

It sounds contradictory, but it’s important to add enough “contrast” in a monochromatic room. In other words, make sure that there is a wide array of shades and that they are evenly distributed throughout the room. For example: if you have a powder-blue sofa, use a noticeably darker shade of throw pillows. The examples below demonstrate just a few of the many ways to achieve a monochromatic look:

monochromatic3-Photo Credit

monocrhomatic-Photo Credit: Cathy Hobbs. Designed by Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes

monochromatic2-Photo Credit

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