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COLOR is a topic in which I am often asked to share my expert advice. So many people quite honestly are simply afraid of color. While I believe in adding bold, brilliant color on the walls, a lot of people simply won’t take the plunge. In this informative how-to-video, I share my tips on how to incorporate color into your space, without painting a single wall!

When it comes to decorating, painting is a relatively inexpensive way to decorate. But you still may not want to take on the task. After all there’s still a fair amount of prep work involved with painting. And many painting projects actually have to take place over a number of days. So how can you decorate a room without painting walls? I suggest incorporating ways to still add color, texture and interest. The first key opportunity is in your artwork. Artwork is a wonderful way to add vibrant bursts of color and interest instantly to a space. Next toss pillows. Through selective use of toss pillows one can even add interesting patterns. Solids as well as texture to help bring in color and interest. Don’t forget to bring in color though some of your main decorative elements such as the bedding in this master bedroom. Finally your use of accent pieces like vases, floral arrangements, even books can all be opportunities to bring in an interesting decorative element and color.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_12317625_creative-ways-decorate-room-painting-walls.html#ixzz2n3GheNNf


  • Incorporate color through artwork
  • Add toss pillows to add a burst of texture and color
  • Consider colorful accessories such as vases, florals and even books

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