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It’s a brand new year, and it’s time to take a brand new bold approach to decorating! Don’t be shy about using bright colors — they’re a great tool for injecting life and energy into any décor.

While we believe you can never have enough bright colors in your home, it IS possible to over-do it in one room. The trick to keeping it harmonious and tasteful is to either A) choose one or two complimentary colors for large items (like a sofa) or walls, or B) choose a variety of colors but stick with smaller accent pieces.

The photo below demonstrates a great way to incorporate multiple colors:

bold2Photo Source

The room below sticks with a 2-tone theme: black and red!

bold1Photo Source: Cathy Hobbs. Design by Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes.

And finally, to make an extra bold statement, pick just one bright color! The white sofa really pops against the vibrant purple.

bold3Photo Source

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