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While fireplaces are a popular, in-demand home feature, they can work against you if they’re not in tip-top shape. A dirty or outdated fireplace can make a home look unkempt, when it should be bringing warmth and appeal! If you have a fireplace, be sure to spruce it up before you put your home on the market.

First, make sure it’s squeaky clean. This will require some elbow grease as you’ll need to remove all debris and thoroughly scrub the inside and out with soap and water.

Once it’s pristine, polish the bricks or stone with a stone color enhancer to let it really shine. If you have a wooden mantlepiece, consider re-painting or staining the wood. Either way, make sure nothing looks worn or outdated.

Now, on to the screen! If you have a brass screen, make sure to remove all signs of dirt and grime. You could even consider installing glass doors — we love their polished, modern look!

We love these great fireplaces:

fireplace3Photo Source

fireplacePhoto Source: Cathy Hobbs. Design by Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes

fireplace2Photo Source

Voila! Now that your fireplace is spic and span, it can be a great feature to help market your property. Happy selling!

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