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When you’re selling your home, we know how easy it is to overlook the seldom-used parts of your home. Foyers, landings and even empty space under stairs are too often designated to storing junk, or even left completely empty! But when staged correctly, they can be great added selling features.

The trick to using these spaces to your advantage is to make a buyer feel like they’d be getting an added bonus when they purchase your home. Turning that empty foyer into usable space instantly adds value in buyers’ eyes. We love how this one was turned into a full sitting area:

foyerafterPhoto Credit: Cathy Hobbs. Designed by a Cathy Hobbs Home Staging class.

Other small spaces can be used to your advantage as well! The landing below was turned from an obviously unused space (note the extra lamps being stored there!) to a cozy sitting nook.


landingbeforePhoto Credit: Cathy Hobbs


landingafterPhoto Credit: Cathy Hobbs. Designed by a Cathy Hobbs Home Staging class.

So remember: Don’t forget about the little spaces! They just might make all the difference to a potential buyer.

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