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Just like any professional, a Home Stager never takes on a project without some essential tools! So when you’re staging your home, it’s time to think like a professional and make sure you have what you need to do the job. These are some must-haves on our list:


Paint Swatches

Since you’re likely going to need to paint, what better way to find the perfect color than to have an entire array of options at your fingertips? We love Mythic Paint’s Fan Deck with Sheen Guide.

Sliding Movers

Speaking of rearranging furniture, don’t risk scratching up your hardwood floors with the bottom of your furniture. Be sure to have an ample supply of sliding felt liners to stick underneath the legs of your furniture. They’ll also make it easier to slide furniture across a carpeted area.

Wood Touch-Up Kit

In the event that scratches do happen (or to cover up old ones), make sure to have a touch-up kit on hand. Most come with a variety of finishes to match any wood. Try this set from ReStor-It.

Wire Brush Set

Essential for cleaning hard-to-reach areas! A regular scrub brush just won’t do for getting rid of rust, varnish, dirt or even paint. These can be picked up at any hardware store.

Want to learn more about home staging? Check out one of Cathy’s Home Staging Classes. The next classes take place on February 7th in Atlanta, GA, February 28th in Boston, MA, and on March 14th at Greenville Technical College in South Carolina!

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