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HOW-TO-VIDEO: Instructions for Drying Fall Leaves


Fall is a wonderful time of year.  The air is warm, the landscape is full of beautiful color and of course fall leaves.  In this video I’m going to talk about instructions for drying fall leaves.

Leaves are tricky and there is a bit of an art to handling them.

STEP 1: lay out a piece of newspaper on your table and arrange your leaves on the newspaper so that they all lay flat and none of them are touching another.

STEP 2: place another sheet of newspaper on top of your leaves. If you have more leaves to press, you can place them on top of this sheet. Make as many layers as you need to dry all of your leaves.

STEP 3: place a board on top of the stack of leaves and newspaper. Be sure that the board covers all the leaves underneath.

STEP 4: Put some books or other heavy objects on top of the board to create the pressure that dries the leaves.

STEP 5: Leave it for a week. The leaves should be completely dry like old paper. If they’re not dry yet, replace the weights and leave them for a few more days.

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